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Sports Articles For Parents and Coaches

Winning at Sports

Winning does not just mean being ahead in the score column when the whistle blows. Check out the following articles on how you can help your kids be winners at sports!

What Kids Want

Winning – It’s All Relative

Awards: To Give or Not to Give? That is the Question

Competition v. Cooperation

Health and Training

These topics from The Educated Sports Parent on health and training can help your child have a safe youth sports experience.

Performance-Enhancing Supplements

Youth Strength Training

Athlete Burnout

Females and the Importance of Nutrition: The Female Athlete Triad

Overuse Injuries

Sports Nutrition For Young Athletes

Child Growth and Sports

Childhood is a unique time. Children are growing and learning at a fast pace. Children are different than adults, and the structure of the youth sports environment should reflect this. These articles from The Educated Sports Parent relate to how to accommodate the uniqueness of children in youth sports.

Is My Child Ready for Sports?

Should My Child Specialize?

Is My Child the Next Michael Jordan?

Safety Precautions for Safer Sports

Safety Articles from the Educated Sports Parent

Preventing Head Injuries in Soccer

Safety Info on Other Sites

Football Players Need Several Days to Recover from a Concussion

Concussions Exact Toll on Football Players Long After They Retire

Head Injuries and Brain Damage in Football [Soccer]

Brain Injury in Sports

Developmentally Appropriate Sports Program Modifications

Below you will find some helpful ways in which sports can be modified to better meet the needs of participants.

Developmentally Appropriate Program Modifications

General Modifications

Basketball Modifications

Baseball Modifications

Football Modifications

Hockey Modifications

Soccer Modifications

General Articles on Youth Sports

The Coaching Challenge

Participation Benefits of Youth Sports

Articles For Parents

Youth Programs for Athletes with Disabilities

Youth Sports Information Links

Recommended Books on Sports and Adolescence

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