Developmentally Appropriate Baseball Modifications

T-Ball: Kindergarten-Second Grade

  • Use kids as base coaches below 9th grade
  • Use only 3-4 players in the field per batter to reduce standing around and
  • boredom
  • Play many mini-games at the same time
  • Hold one practice/game per week
  • Let the kids learn by playing
  • Forget about the complicated schedules and uniforms
  • By second grade introduce hitting a pitched ball, either by an adult or a
  • machine (1)

3rd-5th Grades

  • Play 9 on the field
  • Allow all players to play all positions
  • Give all players equal playing time
  • Move into kid pitch, but limit the number of innings pitched to 6 per week
  • Play a 10-game season that lasts about 3 months
  • Limit practices to 1 hour
  • Limit games to 6 innings
  • Playoffs are OK for 4th grade and up, but NO ALL STAR TEAMS (1)

6th-8th Grades

  • Increase season to 20 games over 3 months
  • Include all teams in the playoffs (1)


(1) Bigelow, B., Moroney, T. & Hall, L. (2001). Just Let the Kids Play: How to Stop Other Adults from Ruining Your Child’s Fun and Success in Youth Sports. Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, Inc.

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